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Powerful delivers smart and tailor-made solutions, bringing added values to businesses and organizations. We work in close collaboration with all of our partnered brands: Hanwha Vision - Wisenet, WAMA, Milestone, Digifort, Dell Technologies, Allied Telesis, Entrypass, ACT, Cominfo, NexxSolutions, Xovis, SenseTime, Samsung, Unilumin and Mobotix. Customers can be assured they’re getting the best from Powerful, from the latest technologies to the most committed customer service. That’s the Powerful difference.


Powerful strengthens in the category on the surveillance camera market. Cameras are delivered extraordinary capabilities in both image quality and performance; from usual cameras for normal environments, to advanced cameras for harsh climates and sensitive environments. Capabilities of camera included – HD, wide dynamic range, IR and thermal which ensures clear video even in difficult lighting conditions. It is the most comprehensive selection of Analog and Network Cameras.


There are different kinds of storage equipment with different technologies. We are not only providing traditional Linux based DVR and NVR but also capable to provide server solutions. Mega-pixels, high framerate, longer retention times indicate larger video file size, server maybe needed to fulfill the emerging need for storage capacity. Storage technologies include Direct Attached Storage (DAS), Network Attached Storage (NAS), and Storage Area Network (SAN). We will design you the suitable storage for 1 to thousands cameras.


It is very difficult to monitor the increasing number of video channels for today’s surveillance systems by human eyes; we are all looking for centralized intelligent video surveillance system. Reliable redundant and failover archiving features warrant high system availability for both live and recording video at all times. Rather than continuously recording data, we are also able to design solutions with video content analytic, license plate recognition, and video synopsis. Our possibilities are literally endless.


The network is a crucial element in video surveillance system because it enables most of the surveillance functions – transmitting video streams so they can be viewed and stored, and carrying power to the cameras themselves using Power over Ethernet (PoE). We need to consider the allocation of core and edge switch, the network bandwidth, and environment condition of equipment stored. You may also keep pace with changing technology and integrate high-bandwidth devices into the network without changing the cable by media converter.

Access Control

Access control is controlling the access of authorized and unauthorized personnel or visitors to premises and property.
Those system is a sophisticated yet convenient way to protect premises or buildings by restricting access without the need for a key. In most cases, the requirements for securing a door are the same, but differences based on access permissions can often change.
To plug and play hardware, software that cater to unlimited expansion and allows easy integration of 3rd party systems (CCTV, visitor management, building automation system).  


The modern turnstile epitomizes the latest trends in entrance control technology. It provides an ideal solution to prevent the entry of unauthorized persons into the premises of the channel during the Tailgating state, highly ensures a reliable and long-time operation.
The contemporary design maintains the high level of security associated with other products, which presents an alternative and perfect solution to the various demands.

AI & BI, Applications

Advances in AI and machine learning are accelerating its technological progress. Real-time data and analytics are making it possible to build stronger business cases, driving higher adoption.
AI tools will continue to improve at drawing on data sets of wildly different types, allowing the “bigger picture” to be put together from, say, static configuration data, historic local logs, global threat landscapes, and contemporaneous event streams. It will increase the use of AI to analyze defense mechanisms and simulate behavioral patterns to bypass security controls, leveraging analytics to and machine learning to hack into organizations.

Audio Visual

Narrow pixel pitch display system is responsible for multifunctional and comprehensive applications, aiming to realize information exchanging among all business platforms. The application mainly include security monitoring, integrated multimedia system, integrated control, visible command system and digital business developing, etc

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